[dagster-graphql] Dagster GraphQL Python Client [2/4]


[dagster-graphql] Dagster GraphQL Python Client [2/4]

This diff creates the dagster-graphql-client CLI:

  1. Adds BK checks to ensure that current GraphQL queries by the client are included in a legacy query query_snapshot folder via dagster-graphql-client query check a. It also adds the dagster-graphql-client query snapshot command to add the GraphQL client's queries to the query_snapshot directory
  2. Tests to ensure that each query in the client_backcompat directory is still supported by the GraphQL server (so at a minimum, we can be intentional about breaking changes that arise)

Depends on D7409

Test Plan: bk script checks + new backcompat tests (this diff is mostly tests)

Reviewers: rexledesma, alangenfeld, catherinewu, sandyryza

Reviewed By: rexledesma

Differential Revision: https://dagster.phacility.com/D7421