Uses configurable HTTP GET for Dagit liveness probe.


Uses configurable HTTP GET for Dagit liveness probe.

A second attempt of diff (D5487), which was reverted due to breaking integration tests.

The liveness and startup probe for the Dagit deployment is changed from a simple TCP/80 connection to an HTTP GET /dagit_info.

This diff also explicitly configures the probe's timeouts, to address GitHub issue #3336.

Revert probe to TCP, and enable bk integration tests.

Test Plan:

  1. Run helm install on GCP elementl-dev cluster, check that pods and services are all helathy, and check that livenessProbe and startupProbe config is passed correctly (via kubectl describe pod).
  1. Temporarily enable and check the BuildKite integration tests for the public Dagster helm chart.

Reviewers: rexledesma, catherinewu

Reviewed By: rexledesma

Differential Revision: https://dagster.phacility.com/D5587