[dagit] Rename auth header (1/n)


[dagit] Rename auth header (1/n)

Summary: The authorization header was causing conflicts so I am proposing a rename to Dagster-Custom-Auth-Token.

Test Plan: spun up dagit, confirmed that Dagster-Custom-Auth-Token header is sent if headerAuthToken prop is set

Reviewers: dish, dgibson, sashank, max

Reviewed By: dgibson

Differential Revision: https://dagster.phacility.com/D7869


Event Timeline

Sidharth Menon <menon.sid.k@gmail.com> committed R1:79e01b54b8a7: [dagit] Rename auth header (1/n) (authored by Sidharth Menon <menon.sid.k@gmail.com>).May 17 2021, 3:38 PM