[dagster-graphql][client] Fixing `reload_repository_location` and…


[dagster-graphql][client] Fixing reload_repository_location and submit_pipeline_execution

This diff addresses GH issue 4131, in which @owen found that reload_repository_location was missing cases in the inline fragments in the underlying GraphQL query (and as a result the client would have a runtime error). When fixing this I also discovered a similar missing case for the submit_pipeline_execution method.

Also working on something to programmatically ensure that all inline fragment cases are covered for the client queries so we don't experience a regression in the future, but this diff should be enough to solve the 4131 issue.

Test Plan: bk (added new tests for the formerly missing cases for reloadRepositoryLocation and launchPipelineExecution)

Reviewers: owen, rexledesma

Reviewed By: owen, rexledesma

Subscribers: owen

Differential Revision: https://dagster.phacility.com/D7847