[dagit] Allow copying filter state to URL on Run page


[dagit] Allow copying filter state to URL on Run page

Resolves #3029

A handful of changes to the behavior of query parameters on the Run page in dagit:

  • Allow setting filter values via URL params:
    • steps to set the step selection on the Gantt chart
    • logs to set log filter tokens
    • levels to set the levels filter on the logs view
  • Add a "Copy URL" button to the logs toolbar to allow deep linking to the current filter state
  • Add the ability to use a query: token in the logs filter, since it's used implicitly by step selection

I also made the jest config not insist on tests being in __tests__ directories, since I think this is the kind of thing that adds friction to creating new tests (which we need more of).

Test Plan:
View a Run page. Modify filters, and click "Copy URL" in each case, then open that copied URL to a new tab and verify correct filter initialization.

  • Change step selection, using wildcard characters and multiple steps. Verify proper filtering behavior.
  • Change log filter tokens, verify same.
  • Change levels, verify same.
  • Change a combination of these, verify same.

Reviewers: bengotow, yuhan, catherinewu, sashank

Reviewed By: sashank

Differential Revision: https://dagster.phacility.com/D4765


dishAuthored on Oct 12 2020, 11:14 PM
Differential Revision
D4765: [dagit] Allow copying filter state to URL on Run page
R1:82cc272fbfe0: [k8s] Allow users to set custom labels in Pod metadata