Clean up partitions UI and improve backfill usability

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Clean up partitions UI and improve backfill usability

Hey folks! I've made a few high level changes to the partition UI. I think there are more to come, but I'd love to get everyone's thoughts. This diff:

  • Compacts the partition headers and options to match my earlier mockups:
    • Makes the partition picker more identical to the one on the Runs tab
    • Moves the 7, 30, 120 day options up to make it clear they're page-wide settings
    • Moves Launch Partition Backfill to a standard looking button
  • Reworks the partition backfill UI to reflect our recent conversations:
    • You can now specify partitions by typing into a freeform text box. I tried a couple different UIs that let you put in an A-B range OR select items individually and it all felt painful. I think that letting people type (and copy/paste) in addition to using the preview to make their selections might be ideal.
      • 2020-04-* to specify all matching partitions
      • [2020-01-01...2020-04-04] to specify ranges
      • If you select in the UI we generate this compact representation for you
    • I moved the step subset up out of the visualization into the "backfill setup form" so that it's more clear that the filter is actually a piece of the configuration.
    • Instead of hiding options that aren't available they're disabled so you know Dagster has cool features you aren't using!
    • There's now a tooltip explaining the drag-to-select behavior


I would really like to make the Launch Backfill button jump you to a new page, or open a modal, but I feel like the current approach (outlined form) might be more usable because it allows you to work with the context / data on the page while you configure your backfill? Would be interested to know what everyone thinks.

It appears that the partition backfill UI does allow you to use partitions with no previous runs, as long as you don't select "from last run" and don't need step subsets. I think we can enable the step subset box without being in re-execution mode?

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Test Plan: Run tests

Reviewers: dish, sandyryza, schrockn, prha

Reviewed By: prha

Differential Revision: https://dagster.phacility.com/D4809