Backcompat integration tests (#4739)


Backcompat integration tests (#4739)

  • backcompat integration suite
  • Add pytest.ini and tox
  • Split between release and source
  • Add suffixes to bk step
  • Add preflight docker connection for docker-within-docker
  • Add distinct buildkite steps for each backcompat suite
  • add env vars to extra cmds
  • Fix container name
  • Confirmation that env var is being properly set
  • Pass env var through tox
  • Refactor integration bk steps
  • Refactor integration suite + rename tox suffixes
  • don't upload coverage
  • Add readme, const for current_branch
  • Support dynamic releases instead of fixed release
  • Add packaging to installed modules
  • Add requests module to reqs
  • Fix import
  • Fix release pulling
  • Ensure that dagster installs are local on build-from-source images
  • Pass env var and pin graphql-ws
  • Fix pip install
  • Update env var / var names
  • Move up earliest tested release, remove need to set dockerfiles on env vars (infer dockerfiles directly from which releases to use)
  • Fix issues with build script setting env vars
  • Fix issue with local testing


cdecarolisAuthored on Sep 16 2021, 8:47 PM
GitHub <noreply@github.com>Committed on Sep 16 2021, 8:47 PM
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