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test: default docker compose fixtures to be module scoped
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Authored by rexledesma on Jul 23 2021, 8:14 PM.
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The setup and teardown for these docker compose fixtures are beefy. They should only be initialized once per module (test file).
It should be the responsibility of the one writing tests to ensure proper cleanup in between tests (e.g. database wiped, queue cleared, etc).

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I'd like to see it in action - I don't have a great sense of how this actually gets used and adding a test to describe that behavior would be great.

Alternatively, what if we made the these all module scoped by default - and if you want a function scoped one, you can nest the call in a function scoped fixture (since more narrowly scoped fixtures can request more broadly scoped ones - but not the inverse). There's not a particular reason I made these function scoped - just that it's the default behavior.


Can you include a test that shows how this is used?

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