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get_stored_events and get_stored_runs

Authored by yuhan on Thu, Jun 10, 8:58 AM.



depends on D8213

  • Create StoredEventRecord to represent an event row stored in the event storage
  • Rename get_event_rows to get_stored_events and return List[StoredEventRecord]
  • To make RunStorage and EventLogStorage share consistent pattern, this diff also renames get_run_records to get_stored_runs and the returned representation from RunRecord to StoredEventRecord

will land it together with D8213 to avoid two rounds of internal repo changes

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R1 dagster
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yuhan requested review of this revision.Thu, Jun 10, 9:22 AM
yuhan retitled this revision from get_stored_events get_stored_runs to get_stored_events and get_stored_runs.Thu, Jun 10, 9:03 PM
yuhan added a child revision: Restricted Differential Revision.Thu, Jun 10, 10:12 PM

curious what alex thinks but I actually prefer the old name - every run is already 'stored', i think records does a better job distinguishing?

Add some other reviewers so that hopefully this is the last rename diff

  • StoredPipelineRun StoredEventRecord (current diff)
  • PipelineRunRecord EventRecordRecord (not sure how to deal with event record here)
  • PersistedPipelineRun PersistedEventRecord
  • PipelineRunSnapshot EventRecordSnapshot
  • other ideas ?

the issue is EventRecord is already used so we need a new name if we want consistency between events and runs.


i like this name


Could we use the serializer/deserializer logic to remap the legacy _EventRecord to a new class (e.g. RunEvent) and reuse EventRecord to be on parity with RunRecord).


ya i think thats possible if we prefer the record name enough to justify the complexity. It would be good to keep writing out to EventRecord too to avoid cross version breakage. I know we don't guarantee things but based on dagster-support we thrash a good number of people when we introduce cross version incompatibilities


I do like the record name. So it will be get_run_records -> RunRecord and get_event_records -> EventRecord. (EventRecord isn't a public api so it should be ok to use the name but slightly change the attributes of it.)

I was making the easiest change for this RFC, but if we agree on the record, i'll go ahead and do the name remapping, i.e.

  • legacy EventRecord -> EventLogEntry (or EventEntry?) - bc the method is called get_logs, maybe can use the name "log" in the returned type to make it more consistent.
  • reuse EventRecord for the get_event_records - thank god that we didn't have get_event_records

wip: get_event_records and get_run_records

  • legacy EventRecord -> EventLogEntry
  • reuse EventRecord for the get_event_records
yuhan removed a child revision: Restricted Differential Revision.Thu, Jun 17, 1:17 AM