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Add CLI command to reset migration state
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Authored by prha on Wed, Jun 9, 9:56 PM.


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update, pick up consolidated sqlite change

prha requested review of this revision.Thu, Jun 10, 4:38 AM
rexledesma added inline comments.

raise a UsageError here?


consider adding type=click.Choice(["RESET"]) or something of the like so user input can be constrained

is this safe? are all of our migrations idempotent? I faintly remember doing this manually and was getting errors on various migrations so I had to find the actual version right version to start from

It seemed to work with the specific migration that prompted this (0.10.9 => 0.11.13)

well we should at least test for sqlite and PG reseting various snapshots back to base and then doing an instance migrate.

It just seems odd to me that if create my DBs at 0.10.0 and then do this reset the instance migrate, I will play like the 0.6.0 migration. I guess we can update all the migration code to ensure they do some check before running forward

An option that lets you pass in a custom rev does seem like a good idea too (in the case before, we could have set them to the pre-0.10.0 rev that we expected them to be at)

would be nice to have a mapping alembic version to dagster version

when i had to find it I was using git tag --contains and looking at blame, it sucked

The specific migration revision is a bit tricky, because you could have three different physical dbs for the different storages, all with a different alembic version.

You could also technically be using sqlite for one and postgres for the other, which would have a different set of valid revisions. It'd be way easier if we just had a single storage concept with a single version id.

Not sure how much complexity we want to expose here, and if it's worth going through (the current state is that we manually tell people to drop the appropriate table).

add backcompat tests for resetting all snapshots and reapplying

prha planned changes to this revision.Thu, Jun 10, 7:33 PM

Oh, I have an idea of how to do this mapping....

add mapping from dagster version => alembic version on a per-storage basis

This isn't the cleanest solution, because it requires a bunch of manual resolving, but I don't think there's a better way of building up this mapping.