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Create interface for determining python type of all DagsterTypes

Authored by owen on Jun 5 2021, 12:06 AM.




This is the initial state, which I don't really like. It seems like what we really want to expose is something like a typing_type for each of these. This initially came up in the context of me wanting to write an IOManager that could alter its loading behavior based on what type it will be loaded as downstream. This is trivial if you're using DagsterTypes directly, but if you're relying on the TypeHintInferredDagsterType stuff, you really want to rely on the behavior that if you annotate a solid:

def my_solid(in1: List[Optional[int]]):

Then context.dagster_type.python_type will be equivalent to List[Optional[int]]. However, List and Optional are not valid types, so with this diff it'll actually just give you list. Putting this diff out just as a point of reference, but I'll probably try to go down the typing_type route.

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Can we add an entry to the doc above?


If the provided python_type is a tuple of types, this won't be a valid typing type - is that a problem? I don't know if there's an easy way to construct a Union type at runtime?


Good catch! I don't think this is actually a huge problem, but it is worth fixing (and is possible to do so, so why not)

add a test case for the latest tuple update

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