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[dagit] Fix runs pagination

Authored by dish on Jun 2 2021, 3:03 PM.
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Resolves #4228

A couple fixes related to runs pagination.

  • Paginating backward on a pipeline's Runs tab does not work. This is because the route is defined with component, which remounts every time it is rendered. It should be a render prop instead.
  • Our slicing is off by one in all cases. We retrieve limit + 1 results to determine whether we need "next" pagination, but then we're setting the next cursor based on the sliced-off item. We therefore never show the sliced-off item at all, since it doesn't appear in the next page. Fix this by using the limit item as our cursor.
Test Plan

Verify that the Pipeline Runs tab pages forward and backward successfully.

Verify that all retrieved Run items are displayed in the list, on Pipeline Runs and on /runs.

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R1 dagster
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