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Initial dbt integration

Authored by schrockn on Aug 10 2019, 1:48 PM.


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Finally was able to make some time for this! This is a
prototype-quality dbt integration, but it demonstrates what the shape of
this would look like.

I copied the example from

This shells out to dbt itself and runs against the database in the
examples docker container. (I had to manually create the database). It
just parses stdout with regex's, which is quite fragile.

It would be better if dbt emitted some sort of structured log so that
this could be parsed more reliably. Taylor is excited enough about this
possibility that he might tackle it. See

This emits materializations for each view or table created in the
example. This has not been thoroughly tested.

Next Steps:

  • Parse materializations out of the dbt project and render them as outputs
  • Also create a type-per-model and render metadata within dagit.
  • Consume dbt tests during a run and emit Expectations.
  • Model "seeds" as inputs into the dbt node.
Test Plan

Run Jaffle in dagit + buildkite

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