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Naive watcher for filesystem log storage

Authored by max on Aug 9 2019, 6:39 PM.


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This can & should be optimized a little (so as not to scan the entirety of a log file when it changes), and should probably be quieter about transient errors/do retries when a file can't be read/implement a file locking system.

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To demo: Launch dagit two different ports with --log. Execute the log spew pipeline from one dagirt. Navigate to the run in the second dagit and observe logs streaming.

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we could land this after a bit of cleanup - but i think im tempted to just have this feed in to a more systemic refactor of all this PipelineRun stuff.

just spit balling -

  • I wonder if we could simplify things if we operated over a temporary directory in the "in memory" case instead of holding on to everything in memory all the time. This could leave us with basically one implementation that is either fed $DAGSTER_HOME or a temp dir.
  • i could imagine a taxonomy of something like
    • CompletedPipelineRun - whether it came from my process or another a completed it should be treated the same
    • ActivePipelineRun - a run being filled out by the current process
    • ExternalPipelineRun - a run we are watching the FS for updates on - tracks the file seek position so we only process new

      I think a setup like this could help

we should at minimum keep track of seek position or something and not re-process the whole file every time

ideally we also wouldn't even watch the log files for external runs unless we had an active subscription on them

to your queue for restacking on some lower level clean ups

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