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[dagit] Fix path prefix in dev

Authored by dish on Apr 9 2021, 4:29 PM.



The recent change to put {{ app_path_prefix }} into index.html breaks the manifest path and the meta tag during JS development, as the values are not replaced. The result is that we end up with dev URLs that look like http://localhost:3000/%7B%7B%20app_path_prefix%20%7D%7D/workspace/

This change basically just reverts things back to how they were before, with the same string replacements, and {{ app_path_prefix }} removed from the pre-build index.html.

Test Plan

Run yarn build-for-python, then run dagit both with and without path-prefix. Verify that everything runs correctly.

Run development dagit, verify that the app loads without any extraneous URL junk.

Diff Detail

R1 dagster
Lint Not Applicable
Tests Not Applicable