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[core][dagster-mysql] Fixing @experimental tag to work for classes

Authored by sidkmenon on Mar 5 2021, 4:25 PM.
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I was inspired by D6751, but I noticed that since the @experimental decorator treats its arguments as functions, the decorator & classes that rely on the ConfigurableClass mixin were incompatible. I added a custom decorator for classes. I didn't utilize subclassing since we want the class' signature (all of the metadata to be associated with it) to be the same with or without the decorator - I think with subclassing we'd need a lot more boilerplate (i.e. to overwrite attributes like __name__, etc.)

Test Plan

bk & local testing w/ dagit (via loading from dagster.yaml)

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R1 dagster
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prha added inline comments.

generally prefer not to use old/new in var names.

how about old => dunder_init and new => warn_and_init?


feel a little leery of doing this assignment, but I can't identify any glaring gotchas... @alangenfeld / @max any thoughts?

new_init => warn_and_init, old_init => dunder_init


Yeah definitely felt this was a bit weird but couldn't get subclassing to work without also overriding important metadata about the class (e.g. __name__, etc.)

Adding @experimental tag to dagster-pandas as per @rexledesma's comment

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Mar 12 2021, 4:05 AM
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