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[dagit] Fuzzy search for log filter

Authored by dish on Feb 24 2021, 5:44 PM.



Relates to #3728.

A handful of changes to the logs filter on Runs.

  • Change "AssetMaterialization" and "Materialization" tag strings to STEP_MATERIALIZATION to match behavior of other event types. In a followup, this enum value should be changed to ASSET_MATERIALIZATION.
  • Repair token string handling with respect to the URL -- if the user has typed step:, then "step" should be treated as a token instead of a value.
  • Add fuzzy matching to the value segment of the typed "key:value" pair in the log filter, e.g. typing "type:mat" would display "type:STEP_MATERIALIZATION" as a suggestion.
Test Plan

View log filter on a Run. Type various values into the input, verify that they provide useful suggestions. Choose suggestions, verify correct behavior.

Diff Detail

R1 dagster
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