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Authored by sandyryza on Feb 10 2021, 12:51 AM.



We've gotten a few questions on github and slack about deciding how to load inputs and outputs based on type. For users who don't care about storing their intermediates in a data warehouse, but who want to make sure their unpickleable types can make it across process boundaries, this is a pretty salient need.

I tried to write an example, and it ended up as a decent bit of code. This proposes adding a Dagster-provided user-space utility for constructing a type-based IO manager, to ease the process.

There are some hairy bits that come from a resource wrapping other resources.

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Will take a closer look tomorrow, but the idea feels good to me. A good before-after would of course be the snowflake IO manager on internal.

q mgmt. this is very stale. if it is still in reviewable state bounce back and i'll review

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