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Run each DagsterDaemon subclass in its own thread

Authored by dgibson on Feb 1 2021, 11:27 PM.



Many tests will break, but before I fix them just wanted to see if there are any reservations about this approach? This will allow us to have a dagster-cloud API daemon that doesn't get stuck waiting for slow schedule/sensor iterations to finish.

Each daemon starts up its own DagsterInstance now, since DagsterInstance is not multi-threaded.

The big risk is that a single thread will die and leave the daemon in a weird state. Heartbeats and surfacing error messages helps a bit with this. We could also have the controller monitor the subthreads for premature death, and kill the whole process if any individual subthread dies or stops heartbeating?

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dgibson published this revision for review.Feb 1 2021, 11:27 PM

did you consider process-level isolation?

@schrockn that could also work, yeah - but reasons I was leaning against it:

  • No risk of dangling daemon processes (there are ways to mitigate this, e.g. having the daemon processes see if their parents are still alive and shutting down if not)
  • The whole dagster-daemon process crashing when an individual daemon process crashes seems like a feature not a bug? Since k8s/docker/etc will then know to restart it

But I don't feel strongly. Doing each in its own process would certainly make the 'separate DagsterInstance per daemon' part less weird - if we run into weird multithreading issues i'll most likely go down that route by necessity.

seems fine to me


there should be a better way to do this than waking up and going back to sleep every half second



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up, run integration tests

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