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Don't always run create_all during storage creation, add stamps to postgres storage

Authored by dgibson on Jan 13 2021, 10:49 PM.



Still testing this, but this is a more invasive migration solution that should leave our alembic stamps consistent .

Instead of relying on create_all to create the new tables we added in 0.10.0, we only create new tables during the initial load, and during migration.

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remove a test involving migrating from a time when there was no ennet log, since that was incorrectly stamping (is it safe to assume that 0.7.6 => 0.10.0 migrations are not a thing?)

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keep the skip_migration_checks stuff out of DagsterInstance.get()

result of chat with phil - take out places where we were dropping the "schedules" table in past migrations, so that we don't lose our clue in the 0.10.0 migration that we're in the schedule DB. Instead, drop the schedules table at the end of hte 0.10.0 migration.


maybe we should remove these too.


maybe comment these out instead of removing? and add a comment about why?


same, maybe comment here instead?

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