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RFC: Make default sharded sqlite implementation asset-aware
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Authored by prha on Tue, Jan 12, 10:28 PM.



Was going to try to do a migration of the default sqlite storage to the
ConsolidatedSqliteEventLogStorage, but then thought about this approach, which seems like it might
work and is way less complicated.

Different approaches weighed here:

It essentially mirrors all asset materialization events into a central assets.db sqlite file and
performs asset queries off of that db.

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clear out mirrored event rows in asset shard on asset wipe

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Mechanically this is a pretty clever way to get this feature working in the sharded sqlite scenario but the implementation is some real "inheritance is the root of all evil" shit. I think it makes it clear that the way the run sharding was managed between the child/parent class is pretty fragile foundation.

I think if we can model it more cleanly this will be fine. I just want to give future us a real shot at being able to refactor all of this, and as it stands this is a ties nasty knot in the class hierarchy


this works by taking advantage of the fact that the postgres connect call ignores the parameter right? I think this feels a bit worse than the run_id shenanigans and warrants an explicitly named method i think



  • make two explicit connection calls in sql event log storage
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