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(buildkite 10/n) Add Windows tests

Authored by nate on Dec 24 2020, 10:24 PM.



This gets Windows builds working for a small part of core Dagster tests. While it's only a small percentage of our tests, it's a beachhead we can start with.

We'll need to do something about the test times, often 30-40 mins. From what I can tell, this typically breaks down as:

  • 5-6 mins waiting for agent - Windows hosts take a lot longer to get to ready state
  • 10-12 mins for image pull - seems that the pull is fast, but extraction/verification is very slow
  • 10-15 mins for tests to run - tests seem to be much slower on Windows

I tried swapping out the t3.large (2 vCPU burstable @ 40% baseline perf, 5Gbps network) for m5.large hosts (2 full vCPU, 10 Gbps network, 1.7x more expensive) - but didn't see a meaningful difference in the times above.

For now, I've added Windows/Windows Diffs BK pipelines that work like the integration pipelines (see test plan "windows" below).

Depends on D5895

Test Plan


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woof those times are insane


are all these tests working on azure but failing here?

to your queue for now - between these tests failing and the total run time im not sure this gets us in to much better of a spot than we are now on azure. Lets revisit after release

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