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Configured refactor: IConfigMappable --> ConfiguredMixin

Authored by schrockn on Wed, Nov 18, 9:06 PM.



I was scoping out configured APIs and got frustrated at the
code and documentation duplication. This is my attempt to reconcile

There is definitely some oddness to componesate for the fact
that the node variants (graph and solid) can inherit their
name from the decorated function and other variants cannot. That
causes the passing of original_config_or_config_fn to

However I still like the reduction of surface area. I would like to
reconcile configurable and config mapping into a single capability at
some point, then they both perform the same core task to some degree.

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going to fail lint

I can't argue with all the big red sections on the left side! I wish phabricator would report on lines deleted vs. added.

Do we want to include copy_for_configured in the public API? I imagine this might be a confusing method for users to encounter.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Thu, Nov 19, 12:18 AM