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[dagit] Instance paths for runs and snapshots

Authored by dish on Tue, Nov 3, 3:13 PM.



Continuing the Dagit URL namespacing transition.

  • /instance/runs/:runId for all individual run pages
    • This includes a change to the top nav on this page, to show the pipeline name (linked) and the run ID, as well as the run status tag
  • /instance/snapshots/:pipelinePath for all pipeline snapshots
    • Basically the same as the current pipeline page, but separated into its own route tree

After this, I have a larger change that will move workspace-level objects to /workspace URLs, as described in the Quip, and changes the behavior of repository context within Dagit. That should be the last major change, and I'll clean things up afterward.

Test Plan

Open Dagit, view different sections of the app:

  • Runs, verify that run links and snapshot links point to the new paths
  • Perform a run execution, verify redirect to /instance/runs/... path
  • Use tabs on Snapshot page, verify correct behavior
  • Click the pipeline name on a snapshot page, verify redirect (this will be a better workspace-specific redirect in a followup)

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clean up?

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I broke a handful of things here, will fix.

Fix paths on Pipeline explorer pages

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Keeping this here as a reminder -- I'm going to switch over to use workspace-namespaced paths in the followup.

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Re-requesting review as a sanity check.

prha added inline comments.

nit: may want to eventually sync this with the tab definition by building it from the tabs list:

tabs.find(x => x.title === activeTab)?.title
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