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asset-store-dagit-1 show asset store event in run's Logs

Authored by yuhan on Oct 29 2020, 5:41 PM.



show AssetStoreOperation events in Run Viewer's logs

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Asset page

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So expanding on my comment: perhaps the other way to think about it how this is distinguished (if at all) from an AssetMaterialization event that comes from the asset store. I think most of the value will be in the user-defined information in the event (e.g. a generated s3 path or whatever) so i'm not sure how much value this event, unmodified, adds


I think it's very important that this is user-pluggable in the asset store. There is a lot of store-specific metadata that someone would want (e.g. an s3 path)

gonna allow set_asset to yield AssetMaterialization first


good call. im working on now and will make this diff stacked on it

so i'm not sure how much value this event, unmodified, adds

@schrockn My thinking had been that not all calls to set_asset should result in an entry in the Asset Catalog, because an entry for every intermediate would result in a lot of clutter. One way of achieving that is to expect users to yield AssetMaterializations when they want entries to appear in the Asset Catalog. If we go that route, then the value of having an AssetStoreOperation event is that it's there even when we're not adding entries to the Asset Catalog.

I had a suggestion on the message text - otherwise this looks great.


The messages for other events appear to include a past tense verb, e.g. "Materialized value" or "Yielded output". I think it could aid readability to aim for consistency with that.

E.g. for SET_ASSET operations, the message could be 'Stored output {output_name} using asset store "{asset_store_key}'", and, for GET_ASSET operations, the message could be 'Retrieved output {output_name} from step {step_key} using asset store "{asset_store_key}"'.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Nov 6 2020, 4:46 AM
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event message


good catch! updated:

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