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RFC: Don't require an initial reconciliation step to be able to start schedules that aren't in the schedule DB yet
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Authored by dgibson on Thu, Oct 8, 7:48 PM.



This is an attempt to let you turn on schedules without needing to think about whether they are in tne DB or not. Schedules that have no DB entry return a dummy ScheduleState identical to the one created by the reconcile command. Starting a schedule that's not in the DB creates the DB entry, then updates it to STARTED.

I can't think of anything this will break but I bet the reviewers will know edge cases that I'm not considering where it does?

Test Plan

Load a fresh dagit without doing anything related to schedules, all the schedules in the repo now show up as off (instead of a prompt to reconcile)
Turn a schedule on, it works as before
Try with both cron scheduler and new CLI scheduler
Will add automated testing after initial feedabck

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seems good to me - add some comments to [1] since its a bit clever whats going on