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Prototype: Add test utility for dagstermill solids
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Authored by yuhan on Oct 7 2020, 2:03 PM.



Goal: users expect to test dagstermill solids in an easy way, i.e. without writing boilerplates that touch a lot of internal implementations.
Ideal API: execute_dagstermill_solid(solid_def, mode_def)

This this diff is not there yet. The current API:

def solid_callable():
    return hello_world

def mode_callable():
    return ModeDefinition(resource_defs={"file_manager": local_file_manager})

def test_execute():
    res = execute_dagstermill_solid(solid_callable, mode_callable=mode_callable)
  • most args are the same as execute_solid, except it takes solid_callable not solid_def and mode_callable not mode_def, which is bad for approachability.
  • the difference between execute_dagstermill_solid and execute_solid is executing dagstermill solid requires reconstructable pipeline. In order to create a ReconstructablePipeline from the given user python code (solid def and mode def), there are many boilerplates needed, and this diff is a prototype that shows those boilerplates. - Re: Submit-API
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My initial reaction is that this is a pretty small improvement for a very specialized utility function. Its hard for me to make a strong case that this is any better than reconstructable in terms of having to discover some special tool when the normal testing flow fails on a dagstermill solid.

directions i think worth exploring:

  • a solution that works for direct invocation since thats our new testing story
  • explore more clever of use solid_fn.__module__ and sys.modules