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asset-storage-2 move type loader/materializer into intermediate_storage and add cache

Authored by yuhan on Sep 22 2020, 6:52 PM.



implementation of Asset Storage

This diff moves the dagster type loader and materializer invocation from to intermediate_storage. It also adds an asset cache in it, which is a mapping from asset.key to a list of assets and will be used to support versioning and memoization.

It creates a base for intermediate storage (which we plan to rename to asset storage) to

  • handle step_output materializing cases (set intermediate or use materializer) and therefore merge the intermediate and asset materialization.

next steps:

  1. merge the cases described above in intermediate storage
  2. start working on the user-facing api design - how we can enable data to be passed by reference + reduce boiler plates for users to specify that option
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user_code_error_boundary and comments

These changes don't raise any particular red flags, but it's a little difficult for me to assess them without understanding the changes in user-facing experience that they're driving. Is that written out somewhere?