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#2346-2 [RFC] pass tags and stepkeys to playground

Authored by yuhan on Apr 7 2020, 1:35 AM.



Depends on D2405.
New flow:

  • click on RunTable's "Open in Playground"
  • fixme still need to manually copy and paste the absolute path of intermediates
  • tags and stepkeys are passed over to playground so we get the run group info
  • tags showed up on RunTable

Test Plan
  • see screen recording
  • BK

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cc @nate this is a RFC to pass run grouping info to Playground -- so when we want to change some of the configs but still re-execute a pipeline (or a subset), we can still link the run with its group.
mainly for
how do you feel about the new flow?

Just a few drive-by comments, this looks good to me otherwise!


This is a JS nit but this should probably be parentRunId for consistency!


It looks like this is editing one of the tags to use the provided qs.runId instead of the previous run's value. I'm not sure if there are a lot of links the lead in to this code path, but it seems like this kind of filtering / editing should probably go at the call site where there's more context about why the value should be changed / overridden.

Maybe RunTable.tsx:376-382 below should be converted into a function call that runs this code, so that the URL contains all the correct /new/ tags for the playground and not the old run's tags?

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going to rework this