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Make _make_airflow_dag a public api

Authored by catherinewu on Tue, Mar 17, 3:23 AM.


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catherinewu created this revision.Tue, Mar 17, 3:23 AM

hmm, is this what you had in mind?

schrockn requested changes to this revision.Wed, Mar 18, 7:18 PM

Looks good overall.

I would include a test case that has some dummy customer operator and ensures that it runs. You can use that experience to inform the docblock

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schrockn requested changes to this revision.Tue, Mar 24, 11:31 PM

Lovely. I think we should strongly consider wrapping up all the arguments to init into a single object for terseness. It would just be internal. The public interface (make_airflow_dag_for_operator) would still have all the args exploded.


let's make this a function too. "check_storage_specified" or something? The existing code isn't the best actually (we really shouldn't be doing checks against the environment dict like this anyways). At a minimum let's get this into a function so when we do improve it


Another approach would be for the init method to take a single object that wraps up all of those parameters. Then within the init of *that* object we could do all these checks. Would also reduce the number of lines of code in all of our operator implementations.

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but this is great

schrockn requested changes to this revision.Wed, Mar 25, 3:41 PM

q mgmt re: having a value object instead of N params

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schrockn accepted this revision.Mon, Mar 30, 10:40 PM
schrockn added a subscriber: nate.


fantastic. plz consider that final comment about the listing out props versus the tricksy metaprogramming.

also: cc: @nate who was interested in this




a little cute. i just prefer writing out all the property names here for greppability/understandability etc. even thought it is slightly more code

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nate added a comment.Tue, Mar 31, 3:13 PM

nice work!

catherinewu marked an inline comment as done.Tue, Mar 31, 9:44 PM
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schrockn added inline comments.Tue, Mar 31, 10:16 PM

missed this. no reason to make a new class every time. Make this top level